Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chicken rice (cơm gà)

Chicken rice - I just wonder is it purely Vietnamese or Chinese dish, probably from our big neighbor as most of good chicken rice places in Saigon, either run by Vietnamese with Chinese origin or Singaporean-Chinese! Anyway Vietnamese or Chinese - no matter if it's good! I love chicken rice esp. the flavorful steamed rice cooked with chicken broth...until now I still remember a small shop in Vo Van Tan - Shanghai chicken rice, but since they have a new big 2-3 story building, it seems that their chicken rice is no longer good as before and they start selling different dishes...and I never come back there!

Some people like the chicken rice in Chinatown, or Nguyen Tri Phuong street or even in Hai Ba Trung ... so I really have no idea which is the best now in town! I also tried a famous chicken rice in Singapore at a luxury hotel (recommended by my old colleagues in Singapore) or even at some food court with local friend - the popular Hainanese boneless tender chicken rice! So to me - the best and the most important from this dish are always good rice with good chicken (what's else?!)... and probably with the excellent dip sauce!

Today our dish is not from Singapore, no either from far-away Shanghai, it comes from our Central part! It would be another version of chicken rice - has been localized to the local taste! Chicken rice with fried fish-sauce chicken (cơm gà chiên nước mắm)! Very tasty!

For certain reason, most of chicken for this dish should be either "garden"chicken, definitely not chicken from those "industrial" farms, because the chicken meat should be specially tender . Either it's cooked or fried - the meat should be flavorful, tender and not powdery soft! The rice is soft not too dry and tasty thanks to the chicken broth. Here, you have a choice : either cooked chicken or roasted with fish sauce. I vote for the latter! More tasty!

       The thick sweet fish sauce with garlic and chili and a bit of ginger! 

Besides you still can order a chicken salad, it's good to have some veggies, quite tasty as it soaked in sour sweet spicy sauce! Good to try here, because if we go to the traditional chicken rice place - they don't serve this salad!
Ok, where to try this chicken rice with fried fish-sauce chicken ? At the same place where I had a noodles with jellyfish! 61 Le Thi Hong Gam, district 1!

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