Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sky sushi - sushi on the street!

Today I would love to share with you a new eatery that I've just been there for a quick dinner with my friend - 30' minute ago - Sky sushi - sushi on the street.

                  I was about to say to this group of tourists "it's good, try it" but they already sat down.

Whenever we talk about Japanese food, especially those popular like sushi, sashimi we always think having it in either cozy Japanese style restaurants, noisy with those familiar sound like "Hai, Hai"... or classy ones with superb quality, superb fresh tuna, salmon...right from the Tsukiji market! And the price at both places is always high, not affordable to many youngsters.

               Never remember names of different sushi - crispy from the outside, tasty with mayo, avocado. 

                   I took this photo some days later, when I've been back to Sky sushi with other friends. 

But this Sky sushi - a new discovery in the backpack area (Nguyen Thai Hoc street) could beat any other places in Saigon for the price, and the quality is very good!

Talking to the chef - a young good looking guy with a ponytail, I found that he and his friend used to work for Japanese restaurant for years and no long ago they decided to set up a new venture - sushi on the street for backpackers, for those who love sushi but may never go to costly Japanese restaurants. This could be a very first sushi stall, a pioneer to bring popular Japanese sushi, sashimi out to the open public in Saigon.

                  These two young chefs used to work for Japanese restaurant, now time to sail the ocean!

                    A plate of sashimi - tuna, salmon, mackerel, octopus...and my favorite pickled ginger!

                    Good sashimi, check the picture menu to order!  

                  My order - a plate of futomaki as I always fail to scroll this big sushi at home! 

                     A combination of tempura and sushi - have no idea how to name it! 

                 And here - crispy tempura shrimp inside sushi, recommended by next table's customers. 

                    Japanese traditional meal seems never go without a bowl of miso soup. 

I used to work with Japanese, having Japanese food all the if you are not very dainty, this street stall could be one of the best places for a good Japanese dinner (as they open only from 5:30 pm to late at night). It's well worth it. These two young chefs are quite loyal to real Japanese taste, presentation style, they don't customize to the local flavors, that's a good thing!

                   This young, skillful chef is using a flame gun to burn a slice of cheese on sushi. 

                Two young Japanese food lovers, a girl in yellow just swallowed a big bite of wasabi! 

                 Here you go the stall of Sky sushi at 197 Nguyen Thai Hoc, open from 5:30 to late at night!

Before ending this post, just let you know how much for all dishes you see plus a can of beer, only 370,000 VND, i.e 17,6 USD! Is it good?



  1. just discovered your blog and it's amazing! hopefully candies like keo. kéo and many other street foods don't disappear in a few years. have to try out many of these places next time i visit vietnam! :)

  2. Thank you! I'm glad that you found my blog useful for your visit to Vietnam in the future! Wish you will have great time here! Cheers


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