Tuesday, January 27, 2015

...Hum - vegetarian lounge in Saigon

What does it mean "Hum"? I was explained - "Hum" should be pronounced as "Um" and it's one of  a famous six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra "Om mani padme hum", which means "a jewel in sacred lotus", but "Hum" still means "wisdom". And according to one of my "wise" nieces, we can say this phrase or mantra when we are seeing "ghost"! So remember it at heart!

Anyway "Hum" is a quite popular upscale vegetarian lounge-restaurant in Saigon. I said "upscale", probably because of their good location, tasteful decorations, and especially their charming service and the food quality, and, of course, the bill at the end! 

                          A jewel in sacred lotus - Lotus rice, one of Hum's signature dishes.   

I do love vegetarian dishes but I'm not a vegetarian addict, if someone ask me where is the best for veggie. I don't have any good answer, but Hum with their peaceful, elegant atmosphere, their charming service and delightful food could attract anyone's attention.

                        The table setting with all chopsticks nicely wrapped in the green leaves. 

                   I like the serene atmosphere at Hum despite the busy business in the evening. 

Tonight I was invited by my lovely nephew, together with three other siblings, all of us really enjoyed a dinner at Hum. I had to say the flavours here remind me a bit of Thai taste, they have some dishes like Pad thai or Papaya salad which could choke you with its rich combination of tastes - sweet, sour and very hot. You better ask the chef for the medium hot in your ordered dish, if you don't want a fire in your mouth!

                          Pad Thai  - a bit sweet but that's quite typical taste for this noodles. 

                         Winged bean salad - quite tasteful. Egg can be served in some veggie dish here. 

                            Papaya salad - sweet, sour and spicy!

                           Silky tofu, mushroom steamed in soya bean sauce

                         Popular and super-healthy rolls - veggies and tofu. 

                          Each dish has their own sauce, quite tasteful! 

                    Deep-fried tofu with cheese - tasty, crispy from the outside but silky soft - the inside! 

                        and another sauce for deep-fried tofu 

                         Spring roll in Northern square shape - filled with all kinds of mushrooms. 

                        and a sauce for "nem". I found "nem" slightly salty, but it was good! 

                       Chicken-leg mushroom curry in very tasteful, thick and rich coconut milk.  

                      Interesting idea - to serve curry in huge coconut shell...

                  Braised mushroom, tofu, Thai fermented red tofu. 

                   Not my drink - my niece's favourite - Snowy passion fruit cocktail!  

All of us decided not to order the dessert at Hum as we prefer to have it somewhere else. So we just ordered one sweet for 5 of us! Here you go! The coconut jelly mixed with passion fruit, winter melon...

                      The only sweet to share among 5 of us! 

                Our exclusive sponsor for a great dinner at lovely Hum - on the right! 

I passed by Hum several times and quite impressed with its facade, when I saw "vegetarian" on the restaurant sign, I was wondering "Wow, vegetarian is getting not only trendy, but also more "extravagant" choice for many people now. Anyway it's always good when we have more choice, so Hum is a very good place to enjoy a good vegetarian food in a peaceful, nice atmosphere!

                    ...Hum - vegetarian lounge-restaurant at 2 Thi Sách street, district 1 in Saigon.  

Hum - Vegetarian lounge, restaurant - 2 Thi Sách, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city. 
Tel: +84 83823 8920. 

PS: We left ...Hum and went for another "extravagant" soya milk at San Fu Lou, a newly open Cantonese restaurant, next to New World Hotel, but at the end we ended up with not only soya milk but also some other dim sum and porridge! A greedy night for everyone! 


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