Sunday, May 01, 2016

Alma Oasis - a luxury hideaway resort & spa in Long Hải

Only 20km away from Vũng Tàu, Long Hải, in the very old days, was a final stop for me - a five-year-old boy's "accidental adventure" when our father, in fighting with mom, left me and my elder brother at some stranger's house in Long Hải for a week. We lived in a tiny room, without toilet, so I still remember in order to do our things we woke up early in the morning and did it on the white sandy beach, the sea water was our magic paper...Later we were "rescued" and I came back home, like a little monkey, starving for long! That was all remained in my mind, the rest of the story was fading away...with time!

                      Alma Oasis - a beautiful hideaway resort in Long Hải 

I just came back to Long Hải for a very first time and, of course, there is nothing that could remind me of the old wild days. Everything has changed. We got a friend who works for Alma Oasis, so we were able to book a lovely "villa-on-the-hill" for one night with a good rate!

Alma Oasis is a newly-launched resort & spa with a beautiful private beach, beautiful garden, it reminds me a lot of the Mediterranean, due to the two dominating colours in the design of many details: the white and the blue - a terribly attractive Mediterranean blue!

                        The lounge where you can enjoy any meal at any time with the terrific view

                    The two main colours in every design at Alma Oasis...  

                  and here the pool with the chairs in the water... 

                   Enjoy the pool during the heat of the day I feel more vital...  

Somewhere in the resort probably still need more green, but I have a good impression after the first stay.  We still got a good offer from Oasis - a spa package for two, including a quite interesting Tai chi lesson before heading to the massage room. Heaven time!

                    The garden near to the spa...  

                 "Ten-o'clock" flowers in early morning bloom, near to restaurant with the ocean view... 

                    and here the beach at Alma Oasis - super clean, nice water, gentle waves... 

I love the beach here, it was much better than in Vũng Tàu, it was so clean, with the crystal clear water, nicely calm waves...but I regretted that I couldn't see the sunrise on the sea despite me and my friend's efforts to wake up at 4:30 a.m, but the sunrise was hidden behind the mountain! Anyway it was a very nice to feel the fresh morning air from the ocean, to go down into the warm water and to play with gentle waves!

                       We couldn't see the sunrise as it was hidden behind the mountain...

                My most favourite was to stand in the water, to play with waves...I miss the sea now! 

I did enjoy a lot in the company of good friends, it was a sudden trip, without planning...sometime something just happens, even short but could bring a lot of unforgettable moments!  



  1. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

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  3. What bothers me most when I got here is its security guards. Terrible attitude. Besides that, it was a decent trip.

  4. Such a nice resort, always good to learn about peoples experiences.


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