Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saigon in blossom (Part Two)

The botanical & floral exhibition in Tao Dan park is one of the most expected events during Tết, I can't remember when it was first organized but it should be old enough that we as Saigonese can't live without when Tết is coming. Ideally located, Tao Dan is the largest park in Saigon, I love the street next to the green and so quiet! 

Before the exhibition included even the birds and aquarium fish, I still remember those amazing flowerhorn (cá La Hán) and discus (cá Dĩa) but nowadays the organizers focus only on floral and botanical, esp. bonsai. 

               Giant snake or python made of immortal flowers - a symbol of this year! 

               Red Frangipani (hoa Sứ) in the park...look at the flower plant, wonder how they do it?  

                and another kind of Frangipani - pink ones, simply amazing! 

               and another the color! 

               and another one...wonder how many kinds they have ? Many! 

                  Bonsai complex...or to me as a miniature paradise on earth!  

                   Look at the tree and the stones setting...unbelievable!   

               Just wonder how long does it take the master to do this ?  

                  and this tamarind tree with tamarinds on it...and the tree itself as hundred year old! 

               just imagine if we have this bonsai right in the spacious living wonderful is it? 

                  Mai is our symbol for Spring, for New Year, the yellow symbolized the prosperity...

                   more flowers, more prosperous, if blossom right in the first day of New Year, even better!  

                   Tao Dan is a really beautiful park, if they could keep doing this for year round! 

                    the only thing I feel we lack good sculptures, even in the city...the new ones! 

                  "Tray of Five fruits" for traditional celebrations and best wishes, but here much more...

                 in terms of wishes and the number of fruits to set up this amazing unicorn and phoenix 

       these young friends in traditional cloths for photo shot in Tao Dan for good "E-wish" to their fans? 

So I end this post with a lion dance that becomes a part of our tradition whenever we have celebration, and Tết is the biggest celebration for everyone! Happy Snake's Year! 

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