Thursday, September 06, 2012

Golden apple (cóc vàng)

I wish it's a real gold so one kilo can cost over 50, 000 USD!
Just kidding, it's simply a golden fruit with very attractive color of a real street fruit which is in season these days! So many street carts selling these golden apples, in Vietnamese we call "cóc vàng"!

          Golden apples (ambarella) or cóc vàng in Vietnamese!

            Many street cart selling golden apples. The box on top with ready-to-eat fruit!

Golden because it's ripen, when it's not ripe it's simply green!
And we also can enjoy a green apple as a healthy snack that many teens, adult fall in love, especially when it dips with either salt & chili or shrimp paste!

To be honest I can't remember since when I tried cóc vàng for the first time! I got a feeling that I never saw this fruit before 1975! It seemed we didn't sell cóc vàng on the streets! Or maybe I'm wrong! I was just a little boy at that time! 

            One kilo of golden apples is about 30,000 VND (1,5 USD!) 

Golden apple or ambarella has a nice sour sweet taste, very juicy but crunchy when it's still green or even ripen but not too ripen! While eating either golden or green ambarella, the only thing I hate is the big ugly seed in the center! It could be one of the strangest seeds that exits in the world of fruits!
I quite like the nice flavor of golden apple. It's more sweet than sour (if we are lucky to get the good ones, as some time it could be more sour!), the sweet taste is not that strong or too sweet, something light!

              Juicy golden apples (cóc vàng)  

In some coffee shops we may order freshly fruit juice of golden apple, but mostly green apple (cóc xanh), golden apples are very rich with vitamin C, so it would be a heathy juice!
Many people say "eat cóc, get ride of cold!". So please try it when you feel not good! 


  1. Ooooo... I have never seen a golden one before. I remember eating the green ones in Vietnam when I was younger. I had a partially ripe one the other day, and it was sweet. it was definitely not as good as the green one according to my taste. but it is so expensive here in Southern California, about 8 dollars a pound(half a kilo) when it is in season.

  2. I don't know I'm right or not, but as far as I remember we didn't have golden apples before! My first time to try this fruit ....was in early 1980s! Anyway I really have no idea, may be it was even b before but I didn't have chance to see it! Thank you for reading my blog!


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