Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My unusual quiet morning in the greatest city - Venice (Part 1)

While making a travel plan, I decided to stay 3 nights in Verona, as I will take a train from Verona to Venice, it takes only one hour and half in route, I'll go back to Verona at night. And if I like Venice, I still can go back there the following day. In fact I didn't return to Venice the next day! Why? Venice is not that beautiful? Venice is not like a greatest destination as people often say?

Don't get me wrong! It was good for me to be there, even very good...but to me, somehow I feel Venice seemly didn't have something that I used to imagine. Anyway, Venice is very unique, very photogenic... People gave different names to this old town on water: City of masks, City of bridges, City of canals, The Floating City, the Love's Holy Land...and I would call Venice as "always-overcrowded-old-town-on water"  

                              I want to see Venice in its true daily routine life, free of the crowds of tourists.

I arrived to Venice around 8:30 in the morning, I feel lucky as the whole city still in sleep, very few tourists around the town. I did enjoy a freshly silent morning, a rare peaceful moment in one of the greatest towns in the world, freely taking photos at those hidden corners. No map, I just followed people, going through very tiny alleys, passing by some very old houses, sometime I decided to take another turn, to let me get lost in the middle of nowhere or even stuck in a dead-end.

In this first part of my post about Venice, I'd love to show you a Venice in early morning when there was almost no one on the street-canal, on the bridge, super calm alleys, almost deserted, but I did enjoy this peaceful Venice.

                         Venice still in sleep...

                       Some early birds...

                       Only boats, bridges instead of cars and this unique city. 

                   The canal instead of the backyard    

                    The reflection of the building on the mirror-like canal 

                    The tiny passage between the old naked houses  

                  A souvenir boutique in an old house...  

                  Can't imagine how to find the right address in this very easy-to-get-lost town.   

I was surprised when seeing so many small, narrow alleys as a maze, I really had no idea where to go, I just followed someone, if there was no one, I followed my instinct steps, no care wherever I could be. I also saw many tiny tiny boutique hotels in very hidden secret corners, I was wondering, how to find them if we were the first-timers in Venice!

                     This boat stuck in this narrow canal? Nope - just a parking lot  

                         I was the only soul in this deserted passage...

                   Rarely to see was already 10:00 am! 

                        The peaceful moment along the canals...

                        Unbelievably quiet neighbourhood...

                      Houses very expensive in Venice, even this one could cost you a big fortune to own...

                        It was still warm in mid September, these pigeons enjoy a morning bath   

                        Sitting in this square, I was counting how many windows...on this building.    

                      Time to go to school for some kids, I guess! 

                  A thousand bridges in this city - big, small, old, new, bricks or wood... 

Venice sited on a group of over hundred of small islands, separated by the canals and connected by over 400 of small, big bridges...the water was not very deep, I was told over 1m-1,5 m deep but it could be higher during the high tide. During the low tide, it could be a problem due to the unpleasant smell from the canals.

                   Not easy to walk around Venice without map, happy to find this simple wooden bridge  

                       or another wooden bridge next to a lovely house in Venetian style 

                          Wondering this is front or back of the house - should be front! 

               The contrast of colours, the architecture, the water reflection make Venice very photogenic

                        House painting here quite interesting - only hot colours : red-orange, dark yellow...    

                       or just naked wall with red bricks... 

                       Wondering when was the high tide, the water could rise up to...where? 
                    These guests were probably waiting for water taxi 

     First saw only the instrument lonely on the ground, then came the musician - ready for a new day! 

                  Venice's young inhabitant in Sunday morning...

As I mentioned in the beginning in this first part I tried to capture Venice early in the morning when there was very few people, visitors around...I did enjoy this peaceful moment in this incredible unique city....but later on I was horrified by a number of visitors coming to Venice in the afternoon. That was the end of my joy, my pleasure of visiting Venice. It will be my second part when I was no longer able to walk, my only transport, vaporetti - the water bus!  

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