Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frog curry (Cà ri ếch)

I always wonder how many nations love the marvelous curry and consider it as their national traditional pride, except India! Thailand? Japan? or even Vietnam?
When I started this blog half year ago, I have a post about the curry noodles (bún càri) and I did mention about my experience in India, when I realized that many things can cook as curry: from very traditional chicken, beef, goat or lamb to fish, frog, eel...or from favorite sweet potatoes, carrot to okra, eggplant, beans and ...chili! Curry chili!?
Every nation always makes the curry as their own signature dish by adding some specific ingredient as lemon grass in Thai curry or a lot of big onions to thicken the Japanese curry sauce!

               Curry is so popular in Sài Gòn, easy to find many kinds of curry in the city!  

In Vietnam as street food we easily find many stalls selling chicken curry with bread, or duck curry with rice vermicelli, and the most popular among those people who love to drink is the goat curry where they enjoy drinking more than eating!

I still remember when I was kid, in our neighborhood, there was a man, my mom's acquaintance. He already passed away long ago. At that time he had a huge billiard house in Nguyen Trai street and probably he was a millionaire in 1970s (millionaire in 70s was much more valuable than today's millionaires in our country as our currency đồng has been very much devalued).

One beautiful day in order to celebrate some special event, that I already forgot, he cooked a very good  curry to treat the whole our neighborhood. Hundreds of people! The curry taste at that time was so yummy, so tasty to a young kid like me, that I never forget! Mr Bông, his name, was so kind, so generous gentleman but his family situation is another touching story.

            Look like chicken legs but actually it's frog's legs! Frog curry! 
Yesterday I just had a frog curry for the first time.
But seeing how people kill frogs, to peel off their skin, some frogs are still alive after these tortures until their heads have been...cut off! I feel it's hard for me to accept and to enjoy the dish!

           But anyway I tried ... and realize it's super good!  

          Frog curry cooked in coconut sauce, tasty, spicy, together with sweet potatoes!   

            We can eat curry with bread or rice vermicelli (bún)!  

   slightly dip frog meat in salt & chili ...tastier! Frog meat tastes like chicken! 

 If you are brave enough, you can check the video how people prepare frogs for cooking! It may shock you, as it did to me but we have only one choice, not to eat them!   

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