Sunday, July 08, 2012

Roast duck in Macau style in Saigon!

I'm living in Chinatown, not right in the heart but at the entrance! So...roast duck is a popular dish in this area. Not street food as one duck can cost you nearly 300k VND and it's not a food that you eat right on the street, you need to bring back home to enjoy! Roast duck is so popular, we can have roast duck (vịt quay) for a week-end picnic, for many family celebrations...or just a nice treat to the coworkers in the office during lunchtime!

               I don't know how they roast the duck like this, crispy skin! What's the secret here?    

I still remember, probably more than 20 years ago, I had an acquaintance, she asked me to help her 15-year old son to improve his Russian. One day she gave me a roast duck filled with pâté (tasty ground pork liver - vịt quay nhồi pâté)! It was so delicious that I still remember until today! Especially the strong black pepper flavor from that pâté inside the duck! Where to buy it now?

The roast duck with black pepper sauce (vịt quay sốt tiêu đen) in Macau style is our today's dish. I tried different roast ducks for many times, as I told you - I'm from Chinatown, but only when an old friend treated us to this speciality from "Macau" in Sài gòn - I have to say it's the best roast duck so far I have ever tried!

Crispy, irresistible flavorful and tasty skin, no thick fat layer under the skin, not too soft meat and well-marinated with aromatic black pepper duck sauce... and the sauce served together! Speechless!   

            No thick fat layer under the skin! 

I don't know what's a Macau style! But I remember when I traveled to Beijing and with my old colleague we tried to find the best Peking Duck place in town. My colleague moved to China with her husband for a year and I thought she may speak some Mandarin, but by somehow her Mandarin was not enough or because of that night's Chinese taxi driver from the countryside...instead of taking us to the expected roast duck stall, he took us to a quiet, dark, abandoned place!

              To go with roast duck in black pepper sauce, we have a choice - either sweet steam bun...

It was too late and we had no choice, so we decided to go back to my colleague's place for usual Chinese noodles! Later, during a business lunch with some friends in Beijing, I was told the best Peking duck and especially roast goose are in Hong Kong, at Sham Tseng Yue Kee or Yung Kee! I did have a chance to taste it there with our family friend who was actually from Canada but moved to Hong Kong for business.
           or crunchy bread and...

              always some pickled mustard greens or just fresh cucumber are served together! 

 So if you want to try a roast duck in black pepper sauce, here you go - the address and contact details!
They do the delivery with some extra fee, but if you have time, better go there and select the best one for you, they have crunchy skin and soft skin roast duck, go only for crunchy! More expensive but it's well worth! (they do have goose as well but advance order is required!)

Trần Quang Ký - 390 Trần Phú street, District 5, HCMC 
Tel: 0120 4511154 (mobile) or 54052858 


  1. hello, thank you very much for your roast duck, we called yesterday and ordered. It was so good! Thank you and thank you!

  2. Glad to know that you enjoy a roast duck from that stall! You would be a third person who found it delicious after reading this blog! Thank you!

  3. Hi there :) Is there any nice table for group of 5 people to have a dinner there? Thanks in advance!

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