Friday, August 17, 2012

Honeycomb cake filled with coconut shreds (bánh bò dừa)

Everyone of us always have something to remember from the childhood.
That "something"could be some people or some place we may never see again! Or something we, at that time, desired to obtain or just simply to taste.
When I was a kid, how much I wished to have a bicycle, and till now I still remember how my father helped me during my first ride on my new bike! It took me an evening to learn the skill!

When I grown up, being a school boy, how much I wished to have enough pocket money to buy some street snacks in front of my school. My mom rarely gave me the pocket money!

In the past it seemed we couldn't find many street snacks as today, they were only few stalls of ready-to-eat fruits, or papaya salad with beef liver, or centella health drink (nước rau má) and one of them was my favorite: honeycomb cake filled with coconut shreds!

               Rare big honeycomb cake, these days instead we find only smaller version! 

 In my mind, I still have a very clear image of the vendor of the honeycomb cake in front of my school. A dark-suntanned, tall, middle-aged man, his harsh face and always with a hat, he should be a Chinese due to the accent.
He was always silently busy to bake the cakes, to fill them with coconut shreds, to display the cakes on the shelf or to cut it into small slices. I aways only had enough money to buy a 1/8 piece of cake, but if someone bought a bigger slice, 1/4, he added more coconut...

             I love the cake texture, soft and flavorful, but specially - sweet coconut shreds! 

I love this honeycomb cake, probably because of the sweet coconut shreds, the soft, flavorful texture of the cake. It look like two parts of the round shape box - the top cover and the bottom. the vendor fills the bottom with coconut shreds and cover it with the top!

             Bánh bò dừa has two covers : top and bottom as a box of round shape! 

I have no idea where is the cake's origin. Some people said Mekong delta, because of coconut fillings...Hard to say as even the today vendors have no exact answers to this question! 
These days by somehow bánh bò dừa is much smaller, not that soft and flavorful as before...but I was lucky to see just by chance a vendor near to An Đông market - he's selling a big honeycomb cake filled with coconut shreds - as the one I used to eat in the past! 

            Filled with coconut shreds, the whole cake costs only 20,000 VND! 



  1. you should blog a piece on kẹo kéo and Bò Bía ngọt :)

  2. Thank you for your comment! Yes, it's coming as I reserve for later!

  3. Whenever I return to VN, i searched for certain foods that I used to eat growing up. Unfortunately, 9 out 10 I was very disappointed because the taste was not the same as how i remember it . At the end, I am not sure if I search for my favorite foods of the past or my childhood .... maybe it's a bit of each.

    1. Hi there, you are right, and that also happened to me. I guess when we get older, try many good things in life, our taste probably also changed. So what we can do is to find something to evoke our taste memory from our childhood. Thanks for reading my blog. Cheers


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