Monday, August 13, 2012

Special edition: exotic snacks on the streets of Cambodia!

Writing about street food in Sai Gon, from time to time I wonder what will be in my next post? When there is a plenty of foods out there, on the streets. Many things that I still didn't touch, that I'd love to reserve for later!
So not to get bored, as we say in Vietnamese: "Get bored with rice, change to beef noodles" (be careful as "rice" and "beef noodles" here have been "wives" and "mistresses"), I would love to suggest you to go further, beyond Vietnamese Cambodia, our neighboring country for some exotic foods that I saw on my way to Siem Reap in my first trip to the Word's Heritage: Angkor Wat!

           On my way to the World's Heritage - The Ankor temples!

I've been to Phnom-Penh several times in the past, but only for business, sometime I did within-a-day trip to Phnom-Penh but never to Siem Reap, so my last-week trip to Angkor was my first time!
Phnom-Penh changed a lot! It's no longer the same city that I visited 6-7 years ago. Much more vibrant, much more fun! And much more things to offer to tourists, esp. those exotic street snacks vendors that I met everywhere on my way to Siem Reap!

           Surprised by a numbers of street vendors selling most exotic snacks: insects! 

The idea of eating insects is always received with grimaces by many people, but to be honest, chomping on bugs is on par with many other delicacies that we have every day! From grasshoppers to cockroaches, crickets to spiders...are consumed for their high protein content, crunchiness and exotic taste!

 Crickets - most popular snacks in Cambodia!  Fried with chili, onion...I didn't try! 

One street vendor can sell from 10 kilograms up to 50 kilograms of this unique delicacy a day, esp. fried crickets! The most famous crickets come from Kompom Thom, Kompom Cham provinces! Only male crickets, according to the locals, these fried male crickets have tasty, delightful "herbal medicine" flavors! I really wanted to try but look at their head and eyes, I gave up!  

             Deep fried frogs!  

Deep fried small frogs - in the beginning I couldn't recognize what are these tiny creatures, then I was told that small frogs filled with something in the belly and deep-fried!

            Deep fried water bugs! Another favorite snack for Cambodian! 

Looking at these water bugs, their wings... I really no dare to any price! But some experts call it the green food of the future! 

             Deep fried Tarantula spiders with garlic, chili and caramel sauce! 

Same with these deep-fried Tarantulas! Fried in oil with garlic, chili and sugar till crisp then sold as a good street snacks for many Cambodian! Crunchy legs and fatty abdomen! I heard only!

          Deep fried Tarantulas! 

So if you are curious how they prepare these Tarantulas spiders, please do check the video from Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern! 

and here how to eat it! Bon appetite! 

Silk worms are quite popular also in Vietnam, easy to find it in many markets or even supermarket as it can be a routine food for many families! So no problem! 

             The only thing that I tried : silkworms! 2 USD per can! 

Hope you enjoy these fabulous snacks from Cambodia! Cheap, healthy but look scary!


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